New Idol with the 3.2 Patch for Resto

26 06 2009

There are several idols for Druids out there, and most are aimed at 3 of our 4 possible job rolls [there are 3 trinkets, 1 for each level (ie 7.0, 7.5, 8.5… 8.0 went missing as it needed to cry). The newest set appears to be coming out with the tier 9 gear and may or may not be part of the Colosseum [It looks like it was data mined, and not found on the PTR yet, so I’m not sure where it is actually at]

[The Idol of Flaring Growth]

The idol is interesting for several reasons, the first of course that it seems that Blizzard would like to make it quite clear what direction they are pointing us. Somewhere like this:

This is your new bar, and you'll like it

This is your new bar, and you'll like it

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