I wiggled my way onto the PTR

4 07 2009
Lynxhcan found her way to a new fur coat

Lynxhcan found her way to a new fur coat

Along with all the new cosmetic changes [and about 50 of the gold I had when Lynxchan was ported from Gilneas to the PRT being used entirely on haircuts] The PTR really does have some very new things going on. First of all the Argent Tournament has a new Instance [as most of you already know about], and even a whole full set of dailies. But what I found most interesting is that those with the Crusader title can turn in their “Champions Seals” not only for a Bridle that you apply to your squire [someone explain to me how that isn’t wrong] but you can also use them to buy the new [and some of the old] PvE oriented Heirloom items. These include a full new set of chest pieces that like the shoulders give a 10% bonus to experience gain. All the weapons and trinkets are there as well.

On top of that I found a nifty little jewel being sold by the Emblems of Triumph: Here

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