4chan is Down… again

9 07 2009

First off I would like to state that this has nothing to do with druids, I’m just way to lazy to manage two blogs in one! >.>

Point is that the “Severely Unrelated Category” is all about my thoughts behind the screen rather than anything having to do with WoW

Really, what interest me is that 4chan is down again, now if you have any knowledge of the site, than you know that its goes up and down as the years go by. Fractions within its userbase for whatever reason feel the need to bring the site down via a DDoS attack. After several years this is really just part of the ebb and flow of things and really isn’t all that out of the ordinary. But something that does occur to me, is that after 5 years+ of running 4chan.org, what would happen to its userbase if it were to shut down or be permanently taken offline. Though I doubt very much that this point is coming any time soon, M00t has stated over and over again that he can’t really deal with the soaring cost associated with keeping the site up in comparison with the rather weak add revenue due in part to the sites reputation on the web and because most of its users are web savvy to some degree.

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