A druid Comic

29 06 2009

I was bored last night, and I manged to get my copy of Photoshop cs2 Reinstalled, needless to say I took the opportunity to play around with some artsy related things. One of which being a comic [which I wish I was better at]. For the most part its just me playing around with Photoshop, Using My Paladin to take pictures of the landscape, and than adding them all as layers to a PSD the following is the result I hope you guys like it 😀

For Druids by Druids

For Druids by Druids

Feel free to let me know what you think or what I can fix


Take That Feral Druids

18 06 2009
These are some of the new patch notes that are coming with 3.2, we already knew about the changes to our forms with the whole Bedazzled cat, but I figured that while they were at it, they are going to take a nerf bat to feral druids to make them pay for doing DPS on fights where the player is simply good and following their rotation. And even though we were technically 8th or so in the actual DPS meters according to most Boss tracking meters [thanks to movement, etc] to many of your fellow DPS was complaining that on fights like XT-002 where we can stand still and get almost our entire rotation out [assuming no light or gravity bombs] and put out close to 6-7k DPS if they are really pushing it. Because of this Blizzard has made it know that almost every single cat ability is being scaled back in damage
Here are the full patch notes: