Getting Reputaion with the Netherwing

17 06 2009

Ever since they were introduced into the Burning Crusade, it was pretty much the one thing that I wanted out of a flying mount, and now even with the Proto Drakes in the WoTLK expansion pack, this drake still has more appeal to me in terms of just looking nifty and being something cool to fly around on. That said, given that lynxchan is a relativly new character, which I created back in October just before the 3.0 patch came out, she never really had a chance to get in on the race for the Netherwing when it was still all the rage in Burning Crusade, and my hunter at the time [who was level 70] was so uninteresting to play that I don’t think I’d even looked at him since July, I was just to busy goofing around with the Warhammer Online Beta or various alts to try and find a new class to play. I had a druid around level 35 on Gilneas, but I had always wanted to see what it was like to roll around on a PvP server since folks seemed to talk about the difficulty of it all. I guess given that I showed up during 3.0 rather than say the early stages of the game when everyone and their mother wasn’t on a different continent or planet it would have been more competitive. Anyway not to drift off into another topic, the reason Lynxchan didn’t have Netherwing rep, or really any outlands rep is because by the time she hit 70, WoTLK had just come out [by a 2-3 week time frame I think, because I was in Winterspring when they were getting all the server first].

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