Daily Crusade

30 06 2009

Well, if you’ve been doing any work to save up gold than you have more than likely been doing the dailies that take place at the Argent Tournament Grounds. Blizzard figured that they needed one spot to group their dailies [much like Shattarath and the likes] And they decided that Icecrown would be the perfect location to host their island of dailies. But a lot of folks still aren’t able to do them in a timely manner due to a couple of things. First and for most most folks have trouble fighting the champions in the ring. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the words “Perhaps you are not ready” while fighting in the ring, which leaves me to wonder if its Lag or if folks really don’t know how to do it. If its lag I can completely understand, because of the weird way these mounts / vehicles work, I’ll get massive lag spikes that have me off position so I can’t charge / shield break the enemy but they can constantly charge me.

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