Bear Nerf Bat

11 07 2009

Some Bears are reporting a major bit of avoidance loss on the PTR, this has a lot to do with the fact that Blizzard has said that they don’t like where Tanking Avoidance is [apparently mitigation is fine, and if 25 man Kolo and ignis are any indication I’m inclined to agree]. They don’t like the fact that tanks can avoid nearly 50% of the bosses incoming attacks and therefore 50% of what the boss throws at tank are just ignored anyway. So as a way to start to cut away at this, Blizzard has decided to re-work the formula that they use to handle how dodge is calculated [I can already feel the rogue tears]. In fact they think dodge is currently OP.

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I wiggled my way onto the PTR

4 07 2009
Lynxhcan found her way to a new fur coat

Lynxhcan found her way to a new fur coat

Along with all the new cosmetic changes [and about 50 of the gold I had when Lynxchan was ported from Gilneas to the PRT being used entirely on haircuts] The PTR really does have some very new things going on. First of all the Argent Tournament has a new Instance [as most of you already know about], and even a whole full set of dailies. But what I found most interesting is that those with the Crusader title can turn in their “Champions Seals” not only for a Bridle that you apply to your squire [someone explain to me how that isn’t wrong] but you can also use them to buy the new [and some of the old] PvE oriented Heirloom items. These include a full new set of chest pieces that like the shoulders give a 10% bonus to experience gain. All the weapons and trinkets are there as well.

On top of that I found a nifty little jewel being sold by the Emblems of Triumph: Here

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Season 7 Gladiator Gear

2 07 2009

Over at MMO-Champion they have managed to dig out and find all of the season 7 gladiator gear as well as the models that will supposedly be coming with it, now some things to note: First off, I’m not really sure how which side they actually managed to dig up, as Blizzard has claimed they would like Horde and Alliance to be sitting pretty in 2 different gear sets. But it looks like we’ll at least know for sure what the stats are. The druid one I have seen 2 versions of, and I’m going to assume that the one that MMO Champion is showing off in their post is the Alliance version:

New Set with all the fixings

New Set with all the fixings

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Video of New Forms

1 07 2009

Well, I know a few of you out there have been looking for more than just those static images that Blizzard provided back in early June, so a few brave druids are sitting on the test realms making video’s of us up to our usual druid shenanigans. Needless to say youtube user techbeat2k has made a wonderful video demonstrating all of the new forms, their colors, as well as the hair cut that is associated with each of them. I didn’t notice during the video the model glitches that the PTR was talking about [or looking for] that include a problem with the Collar showing the same way no matter what angle you look at it from.

Anyway here is the video, please sit back and enjoy [along with the nifty theme music]

A druid Comic

29 06 2009

I was bored last night, and I manged to get my copy of Photoshop cs2 Reinstalled, needless to say I took the opportunity to play around with some artsy related things. One of which being a comic [which I wish I was better at]. For the most part its just me playing around with Photoshop, Using My Paladin to take pictures of the landscape, and than adding them all as layers to a PSD the following is the result I hope you guys like it 😀

For Druids by Druids

For Druids by Druids

Feel free to let me know what you think or what I can fix

Tier 9 Set Bonuses

28 06 2009

The Daily Druid has managed to get a hold of the datamined info for what will be the new tier 9 bonuses with all the related sets.

  • Feral
  • Druid T9 Feral 2P Bonus – Decreases the cooldown on your Growl ability by -2.0 sec and increases the duration of your Rake ability by 3.0 sec.
  • Druid T9 Feral 4P Bonus – Increases the damage reduction granted by Barkskin by 10% and increases the critical strike chance of Rip and Ferocious Bite by 5%.
  • Balance
  • Druid T9 Balance 2P Bonus (Moonfire) – Your Moonfire ability now has a chance for its periodic damage to be critical strikes.
  • Druid T9 Balance 4P Bonus (Starfire) – Increases the critical strike chance of your Starfire spell by 5%.
  • Restoration:
  • Druid T9 Restoration 2P Bonus (Nourish) – Increases the critical strike chance of your Nourish spell by 5%.
  • Druid T9 Restoration 4P Bonus (Rejuvenation) – Your Rejuvenation ability now has a chance for its healing to be critical strikes.

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Solo Ahune

26 06 2009

About 3 post back, when the whole “Mid Summer Fire Festival” thing started, I said that I would take a shot at actually solo’ing Ahune, this is so you guys out there can get the achievement and not worry about having to find a group to do it in. I assumed it would be easy to do given the whole nature of the Druid class, and in addition to that we can nearly solo every opening Northrend Instance that is out there. I should note that while I wasn’t able to get Ahune down in a single surfacing, that it was a pretty easy fight overall, and for most druids this shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Thanks to our “Leader of the Pack” and “Savage Defence” ability with bear form, this is a pretty easy fight. I would note that while I don’t advice it in resto [that would take forever], that doing it in Feral as DPS spec was easy enough.

I know I'm a clicker =(

I know I'm a clicker =(

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