What to do with all those flowers?

27 06 2009
Wordpress, Now Feature A WoW UI

Wordpress, Now Feature A WoW UI

Well, if you’re anything like the rest of us, and you started on all those quest for the Midsummer Fire Festival, than you have collected a large assortment of flowers, and you’re really not sure quite what to do with them. If you started on Sunday Night, and managed to get all the Bonfires in Azeroth before the Reset, you could very well be looking at having a 1100 flowers to plow through just from Bonfires alone, this doesn’t include the 100 extra that you could get from doing the quest involved in stealing the flame from the Horde cities, and the close to 200 you could get from doing dailies, and all the other quest that are involved with the MidSummer Fire Festival so far. All in all you are looking at so many flowers that it might just make your head spin. And this really begs the question of “What in the world do I do with these flowers?”

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