I wiggled my way onto the PTR

4 07 2009
Lynxhcan found her way to a new fur coat

Lynxhcan found her way to a new fur coat

Along with all the new cosmetic changes [and about 50 of the gold I had when Lynxchan was ported from Gilneas to the PRT being used entirely on haircuts] The PTR really does have some very new things going on. First of all the Argent Tournament has a new Instance [as most of you already know about], and even a whole full set of dailies. But what I found most interesting is that those with the Crusader title can turn in their “Champions Seals” not only for a Bridle that you apply to your squire [someone explain to me how that isn’t wrong] but you can also use them to buy the new [and some of the old] PvE oriented Heirloom items. These include a full new set of chest pieces that like the shoulders give a 10% bonus to experience gain. All the weapons and trinkets are there as well.

On top of that I found a nifty little jewel being sold by the Emblems of Triumph: Here

It actually has a name on the PRT but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is, I’m sure it rhymes with its counterpart [The blood of the old gods] or some nonsense.  Point is, that you can finally stop farming Grim Toll, and get back to work on progression. Granted this takes 50 of those little tokens, and if you aren’t one of the lucky few who will be doing that new instance and farming those badges, for the rest of us it looks like we are stuck doing dailies to get a chance at it. So you know, just blow like 25 days straight!. On the upside, this does change my factoring regarding the gearing up of a player from green to 213. With the new system, it looks like you’ll be much closer to having a full set [minus a weapon… well you should have a weapon from the Argent Dailies].

There is also the new forms, honestly I’m kinda hoping that Blizzard isn’t done, there are still a lot of details on the models that just don’t fit right. For instance in the picture above you can’t see it, but our tail curls up when we fall asleep, and has all kinds of strange kinks in it, reminding me more of a strange hose than some poor animals tail. The models just feel very rough even in comparison with current cat form, a lot of strange edges and the like. Luckily the color isn’t so glaring on the PTR, and the pink is far more subtle than it was in that first picture series blizzard put out. As people have pointed out, now that we are actually using the same bear model as every other bear in the game, we look a bit retarded.

But why complain about that!? there is also a new Orphans week quest they ware testing on the PTR that apparently didn’t make it to last years Orphans week. I don’t know if they will ever let it go live before next year’s orphans week… but here’s for hoping. I hadn’t done any of the quest series yet, I was to busy playing around with the new kitty form and some other things like looking at new gear and how things are priced etc.

I’ll probably start actually testing the quest tomorrow [though I feel silly, I sent in something about the PTR talent tree thing not working, forgetting that you have to enable it in the options menu somewhere. So to whatever Blizzard employee got that little note and face palmed, its ok you don’t have to reply.  I spent the first 10 minutes on the PTR with my alt key stuck in place, so you can imagine what kind of terror that had while I was trying to do anything.

The New raid is still actually down on the PTR, and silly things [like Cardinal Ruby’s being Yellow and not red] are still in need of fixing, but if you’re not used to the PTR being a combination of lag and bugs than you just have never seen beta testing before. There was one new feature that I really liked, instead of  “Select Specific Instance, blah blah blah” for looking for group, you can now go through and select “Looking for any heroic” which could help a lot for people just wanting to group up to get badges.

Said New Feature

Said New Feature

I’ll try and get back on when I have some time Sunday Night to see if I can’t do the whole children’s chain quest and find out what kind of vanity pet this series is forking out. Until later folks, keep your eyes open! 😀




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