New Idol with the 3.2 Patch for Resto

26 06 2009

There are several idols for Druids out there, and most are aimed at 3 of our 4 possible job rolls [there are 3 trinkets, 1 for each level (ie 7.0, 7.5, 8.5… 8.0 went missing as it needed to cry). The newest set appears to be coming out with the tier 9 gear and may or may not be part of the Colosseum [It looks like it was data mined, and not found on the PTR yet, so I’m not sure where it is actually at]

[The Idol of Flaring Growth]

The idol is interesting for several reasons, the first of course that it seems that Blizzard would like to make it quite clear what direction they are pointing us. Somewhere like this:

This is your new bar, and you'll like it

This is your new bar, and you'll like it

The neat thing about the trinket is it is one of the few that’s aimed at giving a global spellpower boost rather than one as applied to certain spell like Harold’s Rejuvenating Broach or the Lifebloom Trinket. The only real downside is that it doesn’t apply retroactively to any previously casted spells, so as such you are the rejuvenation that proc’d it is actually weaker than the next Rejuvenation that you will cast, if you are using the t8 bonus set this could be nifty as you now have 2 legitimate excuses to cast rejuvenation twice in a row… However, we’re here to save mana and keep tanks from dying and that’s just what we’ll do.

The point is I hope, that after that nasty fiasco where Blizzard realized that for tank heals we were almost only using Nourish [and for a good portion of tier 8 WE STILL ARE] and it has taken away that unique way in which we healed and put us back in line with Priest / Paladin’s / Shaman’s meaning that our primary heal is going to be some quick cast healing wave to keep tanks up rather than lifebloom. Which to me doesn’t make a lot of sense, I mean if you look at it, Priest have shields, Shamans have Totems, And Paladins are good at spamming what they spam. But Blizzard has wanted to mutate all healers into one in the same in some effort to ensure that some across the board nonsense occurs… something about bring the player not the class… 0r some other useless motto.

Point is, that to do so, what they have done is slowly make the entire process generic. I fully expect next patch they are going to retcon Tranquillity and simply make it like Chain Heal, all while completely removing Wild Growth because its broken or something. Point is, that we are slowly being muddled into a very generic healing class, and the fact that on top of that we can’t actually cast offensive spells while healing makes our position that much worse. Every class in the game has HoT’s now [our one defining feature] including Paladins come here soon. So really that leaves us with the Battle Rez, and I suppose that is nifty that we get to keep that. But with Shaman’s having their personal Soul Stone and Priest having their stay alive just a bit longer to heal, it comes off as less unique and more quirky in order to keep up with the other classes. I could understand if perhaps HoT’s weren’t being handed out, or maybe even if we didn’t have nourish, but they are and we do. It just feels to me like we’re being corn holed into Tree Form, and than watching as all the casters around us get to keep their DoT’s and other nifty spells, and all for the price of being able to heal at the same level as our “Competition”

But enough nerd rage for now. Fact is that if you ever see the new idol it looks pretty nifty, and will work out great for the players that can get a hold of it because in that kind of gear / grouping the mana conservation given by our rubber ducky idol… I mean the Idol of Awakening just isn’t really that great in comparison with the chance to proc 200sp / rejuvenation.

Keep it Dr00!




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