Bear Nerf Bat

11 07 2009

Some Bears are reporting a major bit of avoidance loss on the PTR, this has a lot to do with the fact that Blizzard has said that they don’t like where Tanking Avoidance is [apparently mitigation is fine, and if 25 man Kolo and ignis are any indication I’m inclined to agree]. They don’t like the fact that tanks can avoid nearly 50% of the bosses incoming attacks and therefore 50% of what the boss throws at tank are just ignored anyway. So as a way to start to cut away at this, Blizzard has decided to re-work the formula that they use to handle how dodge is calculated [I can already feel the rogue tears]. In fact they think dodge is currently OP.

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Video of New Forms

1 07 2009

Well, I know a few of you out there have been looking for more than just those static images that Blizzard provided back in early June, so a few brave druids are sitting on the test realms making video’s of us up to our usual druid shenanigans. Needless to say youtube user techbeat2k has made a wonderful video demonstrating all of the new forms, their colors, as well as the hair cut that is associated with each of them. I didn’t notice during the video the model glitches that the PTR was talking about [or looking for] that include a problem with the Collar showing the same way no matter what angle you look at it from.

Anyway here is the video, please sit back and enjoy [along with the nifty theme music]