WoW To allow faction changes

3 07 2009

Recently, Blizzard announced that they are working on a way to let players change their faction. There is no note about this being implemented in 3.2, however it does show some very interesting things in terms of the way the Blizzard Franchise has been developing. It has been noted that Blizzard has more than likely finally hit their cap in terms of playerbase, and at this point it can only stabilize or shrink, with little or no chance of seeing massive improvement in terms of actual userbase: [thanks wow economics for putting that piece together ] . The point is that Blizzard realizes that there is little more they can do to bring in new players, and most people who will be picking up the game are just players that they managed to loose somewhere along the way. With that in mind they are no longer gearing their patches or design ideas towards picking up new players [which shows with wanting to get players to level 80 as soon as possible] they are also gearing the patches more towards picking up alts and getting them to Main level gear etc.

But now they’ve stepped into an area that Blizzard said over and over again that they just weren’t interested in doing:

And Ya' Done

And Ya' Done

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