Bear Nerf Bat

11 07 2009

Some Bears are reporting a major bit of avoidance loss on the PTR, this has a lot to do with the fact that Blizzard has said that they don’t like where Tanking Avoidance is [apparently mitigation is fine, and if 25 man Kolo and ignis are any indication I’m inclined to agree]. They don’t like the fact that tanks can avoid nearly 50% of the bosses incoming attacks and therefore 50% of what the boss throws at tank are just ignored anyway. So as a way to start to cut away at this, Blizzard has decided to re-work the formula that they use to handle how dodge is calculated [I can already feel the rogue tears]. In fact they think dodge is currently OP.

So what they are doing, is essentially cutting agility’s contribution to dodge. Bears on the PTR in t8 are reporting up to a 2-3% loss of dodge from the transfer only. The only real big setback with this is we don’t have anything to make up for it when we actually do loose our dodge. Unlike other tanking classes our only avoidance skill is dodge, Of course we can make up for that with Savage defenses right?

Yeah I didn’t think so either, Point is that Bears are slowly being pushed backwards because while no one seems to trust us, we’re also the only tanks that can handle Hard Mode with the Death Knights because of our massive [in comparison with Warriors and Paladins] Health Pools.  There is also the fact that even post nerf to our armor, we still sit comfortably at close to 80% physical mitigation thanks to armor/talents/etc. The only thing we don’t have going for is avoidance, and as stated above Blizzard really would rather the tank Lessen the Blows, not avoid them all together.




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