Daily Crusade

30 06 2009

Well, if you’ve been doing any work to save up gold than you have more than likely been doing the dailies that take place at the Argent Tournament Grounds. Blizzard figured that they needed one spot to group their dailies [much like Shattarath and the likes] And they decided that Icecrown would be the perfect location to host their island of dailies. But a lot of folks still aren’t able to do them in a timely manner due to a couple of things. First and for most most folks have trouble fighting the champions in the ring. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the words “Perhaps you are not ready” while fighting in the ring, which leaves me to wonder if its Lag or if folks really don’t know how to do it. If its lag I can completely understand, because of the weird way these mounts / vehicles work, I’ll get massive lag spikes that have me off position so I can’t charge / shield break the enemy but they can constantly charge me.

Point is that there are actual strategies to getting through pretty much everything involved in getting those nifty little champions seals [with 150 you get a free portable mailbox / bank ]. The first thing to address are some of the dailies that are given by the faction NPC’s [this includes the folks who are working for Stormwind / Darnassus / etc.] They have a standard set of quest. Kill 10 Scourge, Get 3 Valiants Seals, and Going to the Citadel and Killing Bats, Soldiers, and Lieutenants.  The final quest series involves going off to find some sword somewhere in the world. Its 3 rather simple quest, “Blade Fit for a Champion”, “Edge of Winter”, or “A Worthy Weapon”. Edge of Winter is very straight forward, go murder a fire elemental next to the Silverwing Outpost in Crystalsong [have to use flying to get up there], and than take the item he drops and use it on the dryad frozen in the middle of the lake in Howling Fjord. A worthy weapon involves you finding a bunch of flowers in that wall between Icecrown and Crystalsong Forest, and than using 4 of them to summon a Troll in the middle of the lake right next to the steps between Zul Drak and Dragonblight. The third quest is much like the tale of the swan princess, only this time the swan is a frog, and the princess has a sword you need. Anyway, you fly to yet another lake in Grizzly Hills surrounded by frogs. You can use this helpful macro once you target a frog so that you don’t get warts [I’m still not sure if it actually changes anything].

  • /use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
  • /kiss %t

Of course there are other quest as well. There are those quest to beat up champions and valiants. The first couple of times you do this, it’s not really all that easy a task, mostly because they weren’t programmed to sit and let you learn. The real key here, is first start the fight out with all 3 shields up and ready to go. The second the fight starts spam the 3 button [ie charge] to get the first shot in. Once that is done, it simply becomes a game of keeping that shield up while looping around either the champions or the valiants in a figure 8 pattern around them [try to stay behind them, if you get enough distance on them they will throw shield breakers or even worse they will charge]. The figure 8 that you’ll be doing around them should keep them confused and their back to you. Now while doing this figure 8, just smash the 1 and 2 buttons [attack and shield breaker]. Granted, this could be the cause of my massive lag spikes, but… I figure its a safe bet, and I’ve never lost more than 10% health while using this little strategy. Your biggest opponent here is going to be lag spikes.

Another two quest you’ll get once you are at the Champion level is a group quest to kill Chillmaw and to go run to the Citadel again and beat up the locals, this time including a commander. The commander himself is a pain in the rear to solo, that’s why most groups will take Chillmaw and than run down to get the Citadel quest together, its usually the fastest way to do things. But if you are so determined to solo him, you need to remember that your charge does close to 45k damage to him when he has no shields, so start off with a charge [as it auto drops 1 shield] run out, throw 2 shield breakers, charge him, and than get out to shield break as needed and let the charge cool down. If he is surrounded, use the shield breaker to pull him.

Chillmaw has been soloed by various classes as this point, he’s not to tough, but I wouldn’t try taking him in cat form. If you’re really bored, you can heal through him as resto and let thorns and the occasional moonfire take him down [I would advice setting back an hour for this activity]. There is also the bear option, to use Feral Faerie Fire to pull him down, build some threat on him, and than kite him around the cliff, healing as needed. When the Bombers start to drop off be ready to avoid the bombs they’ll be throwing on the ground [IE more kiting]. I figure if an elemental Shaman can do it in decent gear, than just about anyone with spare time and patience has got a pretty good chance at it themselves.

There will be more quest for this area with the release of the 3.2 patch, and there will be quest specifically for those who have gotten the title “Crusader”. The area will be offering all kinds of new little quest now that the arena has actually been completed. Also We’re looking into claims that Flight Form now has a 1.5 second cast time on the PTR.

Till Later! Keep it Dr00.




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