Bear Nerf Bat

11 07 2009

Some Bears are reporting a major bit of avoidance loss on the PTR, this has a lot to do with the fact that Blizzard has said that they don’t like where Tanking Avoidance is [apparently mitigation is fine, and if 25 man Kolo and ignis are any indication I’m inclined to agree]. They don’t like the fact that tanks can avoid nearly 50% of the bosses incoming attacks and therefore 50% of what the boss throws at tank are just ignored anyway. So as a way to start to cut away at this, Blizzard has decided to re-work the formula that they use to handle how dodge is calculated [I can already feel the rogue tears]. In fact they think dodge is currently OP.

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Take That Feral Druids

18 06 2009
These are some of the new patch notes that are coming with 3.2, we already knew about the changes to our forms with the whole Bedazzled cat, but I figured that while they were at it, they are going to take a nerf bat to feral druids to make them pay for doing DPS on fights where the player is simply good and following their rotation. And even though we were technically 8th or so in the actual DPS meters according to most Boss tracking meters [thanks to movement, etc] to many of your fellow DPS was complaining that on fights like XT-002 where we can stand still and get almost our entire rotation out [assuming no light or gravity bombs] and put out close to 6-7k DPS if they are really pushing it. Because of this Blizzard has made it know that almost every single cat ability is being scaled back in damage
Here are the full patch notes:

Why aren’t you people Defense Capped?

13 06 2009

A friend of mine once asked why it is that people who play wow are often as bad at the game as they are. I often ponder that question and wonder just how it is that people ca do as badly as they do, that somehow they can’t tank, or dps, or even heal [and of all the things that people do, the only way you can really fail at the one is if you just sit there and stare blankly at a wall while your party is dieing. Anyway needless to say, you can find these people if you’re just willing to step into say a Heroic Instance.

Now I know, I really shouldn’t be going into these things, but I love free badges so that I can start to collect my horrible pvp gear [I suck at pvp, I can’t help it]. Oh and its also nifty to make 10 a day so I can turn them into a a delicious frozen orb and sell that for 75 gold, or turn that into an icy prism, and sell whatever is inside [it’s a lot like those wonder ball adds you see on TV years ago, just sing the tune whenever you make an Icy Prism]. Also for my kitty DPS set, I’m still looking for some gear from Gundrak, Culling of Strath, and Nexus. And from the looks of things, I will see these items about the same time they actually let me DPS for Ulduar 25.

But today’s story is about people who think they can tank. Now druids out there, I don’t know what it is that spares you from this, but usually when you insist you can tank, you have also bothered to take the tanking talents and I thank you for this, because lets face it, where others lack in gear we can simply make up for in talents. And usually when you suggest you can tank, you understand that you can swipe spam your way through a heroic and I don’t pull aggro while I’m healing or dps’ing.

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