Season 7 Gladiator Gear

2 07 2009

Over at MMO-Champion they have managed to dig out and find all of the season 7 gladiator gear as well as the models that will supposedly be coming with it, now some things to note: First off, I’m not really sure how which side they actually managed to dig up, as Blizzard has claimed they would like Horde and Alliance to be sitting pretty in 2 different gear sets. But it looks like we’ll at least know for sure what the stats are. The druid one I have seen 2 versions of, and I’m going to assume that the one that MMO Champion is showing off in their post is the Alliance version:

New Set with all the fixings

New Set with all the fixings

And while I do disagree with the helm looking as if it has come out of no real thought, it is quite interesting that the shoulders finally get a little life to them. What is kind of crazy is that the weapons that are being offered for the new season [especially in area’s like spellpower on the items, with one of the daggers having 700+ spellpower] blow out of the water even the best of the Ulduar Weapons by spellpower alone [not to mention the other stats even with itemization devoted towards resiliance]. I’m all for going out of our way to make PvP seem power hungry and crazy, and that stats should be jumping left and right, but even I’m a bit weary of the notion that you should be able to purchase an ilevel 258 piece of gear through doing Arena. I suppose the notice is that you have to be a top team to get access to the items

But just look at the healing mace There is a fine line between simply awesome, and turning the game towards PvP. Already Druids are complaining that the single best tanking weapon in game has to be gotten through PvP because Ulduar simply doesn’t offer a reliable equivalent. I assume this also means that the Crusader’s Coliseum will be dropping ilevel 258 pieces as well to make up for the fact that that there is now such a massive gap between a level 80 heroic epic and a t9 epic [almost 300 spellpower difference, which is a LOT of scaling upwards in only 3 tiers of gear, this points more towards Blizzards intention to do a total gear reset]. This doesn’t even factor in the issue that Blizzard might just be thinking of releasing Tier 10.

I just found this all rather interesting.




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