What to do with all those flowers?

27 06 2009
Wordpress, Now Feature A WoW UI

Wordpress, Now Feature A WoW UI

Well, if you’re anything like the rest of us, and you started on all those quest for the Midsummer Fire Festival, than you have collected a large assortment of flowers, and you’re really not sure quite what to do with them. If you started on Sunday Night, and managed to get all the Bonfires in Azeroth before the Reset, you could very well be looking at having a 1100 flowers to plow through just from Bonfires alone, this doesn’t include the 100 extra that you could get from doing the quest involved in stealing the flame from the Horde cities, and the close to 200 you could get from doing dailies, and all the other quest that are involved with the MidSummer Fire Festival so far. All in all you are looking at so many flowers that it might just make your head spin. And this really begs the question of “What in the world do I do with these flowers?”

The first and most obvious choice is to use them to take care of the achievements that you’re going to have to deal with. This includes getting the full set of clothes to dance around the poll with [a Note, if you’re being cheap on flowers, you can in fact go out, get the pair of shoes last [200 flowers] do the dance, and than sell the shoes back to the vendor because they have that nifty timer on them]. There is also spending flowers to get yourself the 10 torches that you need to target yourself to get the juggling achievement. But once those are all done, the spare flowers are really just for you to use on whatever you wish.

So that begs the question of “What should I spend my Flowers on?”. The quick answer is to spend it on the pet as it can help towards your Skunk or Fawn if you don’t have them yet. That’s 350 flower that you can dispose of in that manner. The next answer of course is to spend it on the Brazier that you can set down to turn you into a flaming Draenei [I’m not sure why this is a useful item, it does however seem whenever we drop it during a raid, we usually are able to down the boss, call it a confidence boost of sorts]. The Brazier too is 350 more flowers, so now you’ve dropped a good 1000+ flowers just for all the really expensive items and clothes. But again you might have still more left, and that really begs the question of what should I do with all of these flowers?

Lots of Snowballs

Lots of Snowballs

Your first thought might just be to leave them in your bag… but! There is something to keep in mind about saving these flowers for any length of time,  you see, like any flower that you can buy at the store and you choose not to water, these will apparently wilt and die in your backpack [further proving your backpack is some kind of demon storage area that in fact drains the life out of whatever goes fishing in side]. The point is that you only really have 14 days to use these silly things, so you might as well make use of them while they are sitting around. And even if you can’t save up enough flowers to get the really big items, there are some other useful items that you can get as well. The first being the 3 food items that they sell. The nifty thing about these items is they provide 3 buffs [each item provides its own]. One provides a haste buff, one a spellpower, and finally a hit buff. The big thing about this is that for a druid we can really make use of all three at one time or another [and if you’re a Boomkin, all at one time]. The really nifty thing about these buffs is that first they don’t override your well fed buff, they simply add on to whatever is there, so if you need help in any area, there really is no reason not to plow through these things during a  raid or 5 man run, because they also suffer from the same 14 day timer that the flowers you bought them with do, and there really is no reason not to take advantage of a free +22 hit rating.

If you have bought every food you can imagine and still dont’ know what to do with your flowers, than the next alternative is to help out your fellow players. Because the flowers actually can light the bonfires in all the towns you visit [in fact this was the intent of all those “Honor the Flame” quest]. So if you’ve got some flowers left over just go about lighting flowers that have been put out by the horde. With the intial rush to get the achievment now out of the way, there is a good chance it will stay lit long enough that your allies in the field can enjoy that 30 stamina buff or even the +random proc damage buff.

tl;dr – Don’t be a scrooge with your flowers, you won’t have them soon.




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7 07 2009

Nice blog with a nice title ” What to do with all those flowers ?” It was really very interesting. Keep it up the good work.

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