Solo Ahune

26 06 2009

About 3 post back, when the whole “Mid Summer Fire Festival” thing started, I said that I would take a shot at actually solo’ing Ahune, this is so you guys out there can get the achievement and not worry about having to find a group to do it in. I assumed it would be easy to do given the whole nature of the Druid class, and in addition to that we can nearly solo every opening Northrend Instance that is out there. I should note that while I wasn’t able to get Ahune down in a single surfacing, that it was a pretty easy fight overall, and for most druids this shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Thanks to our “Leader of the Pack” and “Savage Defence” ability with bear form, this is a pretty easy fight. I would note that while I don’t advice it in resto [that would take forever], that doing it in Feral as DPS spec was easy enough.

I know I'm a clicker =(

I know I'm a clicker =(

The fight itself isn’t really all that bad, you just have to understand that it has two very clear phases, and even as a druid you are going to have to deal with those phases as he goes through them. Lucky for all of this, this appears to be a daily, though it doesn’t seem to think much in terms of rewards.  In fact, I’m not really sure what I get for doing this quest other than a chance at that tiny adorable pet [which I want very badly D: ].  But you also have a shot at picking up his Scythe, which while not a good weapon by today’s standards does look quite awesome.

But we can discuss those rewards that never seem to drop later, the important thing is getting him down. To start off I stealthed into the rather large central chamber, and once in there you can clear the adds pretty easily [I should note, I didn’t do this on heroic mode I just it on normal, as it fulfills all you need to get the achievement and the pet. As such, once you get into the large central chamber, be sure to clear the adds out behind his starting point [which I’m standing close to in the screenshot]. Near the little summoning stone, and there is also a pack of crabs that are wondering about. With those clear, you don’t risk picking up un-needed friends mid fight.

Once the room is clear, you can actually start to summon him, it will shot a giant beam of what can only be assumed is ice into the air and will start to puddle where Ahune will be. Now note, in this first phase you can’t actually hurt him, as he has a massive damage reduction shield. Rather you are going to have to deal with adds. I would go bear form for this, and use a standard rotation on the rock elemental as its the only large add in the group, and also the only one with any actual HP. The rest are tiny air and water elementals who will spawn and cast spells, you’ll want to spend your time rounding them up with swipe [thanks to the crits against the rock elemental, getting them rounded up shouldn’t be to hard because of the rage you’ll have built up]. And than just kind of walk backwards in a circle like pattern to avoid the giant Ice spikes that Ahune will be using against you in this phase. It should be noted they are very easy to notice, and look like the patch of ice that forms under you when a mage does their ring of ice to freeze you in place. Those giant spikes are about the only real threat, as Mark of the Wild + crits should keep your health pretty much topped off.

This Phase will take a good minute or so, before Ahune stops throwing adds at you and you can let him reveal himself. Again this will be very obvious and even without deadly boss mods something will flash across the chat box letting you know he’s ready to have the crap beat out of him. I would now switch to cat form, use a move like Feral Charge – Cat or just sprint to get behind him. Once you are behind his crystal like structure you are safe to do the full Cat DPS rotation. This includes starting of with Mangle > Rake > Savage Roar > Faerie Fire [Feral] > Shred [till 5 combo points] > Rip > keeping Savage Roar / Faerie Fire [Feral] / Rake / Mangle and Rip all up. If all of those are up than you can drop a Ferocious Bite, but I wouldn’t unless all of those are active. You should be using Shred to build your combo points. When I did this full rotation [again in DPS gear and spec] I was able to get him to about half health. I should note that I blew Berserk as well [I would save that for your DPS phase, and use either Survival Instincts / Barkskin / Frenzied Regeneration during the add’s phase]. This will cause him to go back to phase 1. As long as you can survive the adds in phase one, than you should be fine, it just depends on your total DPS output as to how many times you’re going to have to go through this little rotation.

But once it’s all said and done, you’ll have the achievement and you’ll be looking at a chance in getting a nifty looking Burning Crusade Weapon or a vanity pet.

Good Luck!




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